Clueless In Scientific Gomorrah

How Exercise Can Help Us Sleep Better –

But people with insomnia and other sleep disturbances tend to be “neurologically different,” Dr. Baron said. “They have what we characterize as a hyper-arousal of the stress system,” she said. A single bout of exercise on any given day “is probably not enough to overcome that arousal,” she explained. It could potentially even exacerbate it, since exercise is itself a physical stressor.

Eventually, however, if the exercise program is maintained, Dr. Baron said, the workouts seem to start muting a person’s stress response. Her or his underlying physiological arousal is dialed down enough for sleep to arrive more readily, as it did in the 2010 experiment.

Yeah, this is science, all right.

Note the words in these two short paragraphs: Characterize, probably, potentially, even, eventually, if, seem.

Why don’t they just say “We don’t have a freaking clue?”

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  1. Because there’s no money in it.

    Always remember: When you become sufficiently edjucatefied to put that “Dr.” in front of your name, you’re under pressure to always sound like you know ‘zactly what you’re doing and saying…even if only to sort of justify all that expenditure of time and money and (sometimes) effort getting there.

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