A Loser, Not a Fighter

Opinion: Ted Cruz, traitor to his class – Rich Lowry – POLITICO.com

His push to defund Obamacare this fall is a grass roots-pleasing slogan in search of a realistic path to legislative fruition. Cruz never explains how a government shutdown fight would bring about the desired end. The strategy seems tantamount to believing that if Republican politicians clicked their wing tips together and wished it so, President Barack Obama would collapse in a heap and surrender on his party’s most cherished accomplishment.

It is no secret that Cruz, soon to be an erstwhile Canadian citizen, has presidential aspirations. Even if he ascends no higher, though, he will be a force in the Senate. He could spend decades making liberals recoil at what Princeton and Harvard hath wrought.

And, probably, country club Republicans like Rich Lowry, too.

Because “pragmatist” Lowry never met a symbolic battle he was willing to fight, simply to fight it. And that is because Lowry is not a fighter. He’s just a loser.

Yes, the two are connected.

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