Of Course We’ll Deny the Science – Money and Power Are At Stake!

Current Wisdom: Greenland’s Disastrous SLR Is SOL | Cato @ Liberty

So adding all of these effects up—basal lubrication, glacial dynamics, and enhanced melting—the total global sea level rise by the end of the 21st century originating from Greenland projected by the latest, greatest scientific studies averages out to be maybe 3 to 4 inches. Ho hum.

Like I said, sea level rise disaster scenarios that are dreamed up by Greenland shedding large volumes of ice (a la Al Gore, Jim Hansen, etc.) are SOL.

Yeah, but simply because their disaster scenarios are utter bullshit based on the most laughable of junk science doesn’t mean that Barack Obama and friends won’t keep on trying to take over 20-30% of the global economy in order to “combat” them.

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