something has to give

He makes valid points, though nihilistic, I can agree with him on several of them.

Indeed, the US Presidential election is a sort of quadrennial Olympics for con men. The odds of of a randomly selected untrained amateur winning the Olympic 500m race are poor when hundreds or thousands of professionals train for years for the event. The probability of a decent human being winning the White House when competing against hordes of amoral grifters whose skills are honed to a razors edge by years of competition are even lower.

I believe something has to change I am just not sure what to replace it with.
Update: Link to article added. I plead temporary senility.


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  1. Well, we could give Trial/Victory By (Personal) Combat a whirl –

    Hasn’t been used much in recent times, but back in the (ancient) day it sometimes gave fairly-decent results…which is a helluva lot more than you can say for what we’ve got going on now!!

    (BTW – not wishing to jog your elbow unduly, but…was there supposed to be a link in there, somewhere?)

  2. Maybe there is something we can learn from ancient Muslims. Let’s let folks compete to be President with one provision, he must be a Eunuch, and if he gets too much power, he is to be executed.

    Do you think we can start that system with the current President? (He done loved them followers of the Muhammad.)

  3. I’d like to see a cross between a lottery and a draft. Anyone who wants to be Prez can put his name in the hat … and thereby be excluded from eligibility. Everyone else is eligible for the draft. “Aw, goddammit. I have to be the fuckin Prez for the next four damn years. Honey, do you want to stay here or do you want to bring the kids to the shithole on the Chesapeake?”

    • I have thought about a lottery system, 8 digit random number, if your SS number matches it and you match certain other criteria, tag your it for 5 years. The 1st year would be spent studying the Bill of Rights and the Constitution then 4 years as President then back to your life.

      • I’d say this might be workable as well – ‘specially if you’d put in a provision that, for a “certain consideration”, one could receive an exemption (i.e., a sort of “Get Out Of Havin’ To Be Da PreziDUNCE” ticket), as the proceeds from that would likely fund the costs for the whole thing.

        Howsomever, I’d still prefer to try the Personal Combat single-elimination thingy first – imagine the tickets you could sell to the Sweet Sixteen Rounds for that setup! Amurrican Idol, eat your heart out!…

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