When the Islamists Do It, It’s “Democracy.” But If Anybody Resists, Why, That’s a Coup

A Future Worse Than Mubarak’s Reign – Room for Debate – NYTimes.com

The army’s interventionist role in politics has become entrenched. Rather than at least pretending to rise above politics, the military and other state bodies have become explicitly partisan institutions. This will only exacerbate societal conflict in a deeply polarized country. Continuous civil conflict, in turn, will be used to justify permanent war against an array of internal and foreign enemies, both real and imagined.

There is no need to be surprised. This is what military coups look like. The symbolism, of course, is especially striking. Egypt is the most populous Arab country and a bellwether for the region. There was a time when observers would say banal, hopeful things like “Egypt can show the way toward a new democratic Middle East.” But that was a different time.

Another covert Islamist sympathizer heard from.

If the barbarian Islamist savages of the Muslim Brotherhood hadn’t attempted a total government sharia-style takeover that would have ended democracy forever in Egypt, the military very likely would not have acted. But now that they have acted against the depredations of the Muzzie Brothers, why, that’s a coup.

No, to do nothing would have been to permit an Islamist coup. To resist it is sanity, not the act of suicide represented by a Muslim Brotherhood dictatorship.

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