Of Course the MSM Consists of Idiots: There Is No Demand For Anything Otherwise

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The thing is, nearly every time I see a story on a subject I know something about, something in the story is inevitably wrong. So I can only assume that, when it comes to stories I know nothing about, they are equally wrong. Which means, basically, that everything you see in the news is…wrong.

That’s not “news”. That’s fiction.

Sure. And I think everybody has run into this, viz. their own little areas of expertise.

But what do you expect folks to do? It is difficult for the vast majority of folks to try to become omniscient simply in order to fact-check the media. If they don’t give enough of a damn about the politics and people who control their daily lives in the government, why would anybody think they would expend the energy to do likewise on a much broader and deeper scale?

The formal term is “rational ignorance,” and I call those who practice it “rational ignoramuses.” Because they are, and they like it that way.

When ignorance is the standard, liars and idiots rule the conversation.

BTW, Dale has an interesting take on the local “Korean Pilot Names” controversy.  And a horribly funny report on CNN’s imbecility when it comes to fuel injection.  I’m really glad to see him doing more than just the financial reports over at Q&O.

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Of Course the MSM Consists of Idiots: There Is No Demand For Anything Otherwise — 2 Comments

  1. In one of his columns many years ago, Robert Heinlein wrote that he had been on the scene and had first-hand experience with events described in twelve different Time Magazine articles over the preceding few years. In EVERY case, Heinlein wrote, Time Magazine had gotten the stories ENTIRELY wrong.

    His message from 30 years ago was the same as yours today; the “news” media almost always gets essential facts wrong. Usually through simple incompetence, but often through subconscious or deliberate bias.

    SOMETIMES you can winnow out enough of the truth to get by, by reading stories, papers and articles from both sides of the political spectrum, but you can never be sure that you have the whole story.

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