It’s The Muslim Religion, Stupid

Interfaith outreach in the Central African Republic: Muslims murder dozens in attacks on Christian villages – Jihad Watch

But remember: the real problem is “Islamophobia.”

“Central African Republic: dozens killed in attacks on Christian villages,” by Eva-Maria Kolmann and John Newton for ICN, August 11 (thanks to Maxwell):

Attacks by extremists on Christian villages in the Central African Republic have left at least 15 dead and made around 1,000 people homeless. The raids were carried out by Islamist militia group, Séléka which seized control of the country following a coup in March 2013.

We become inured to these stories. There are so many of them, in so many different places, with only one common denominator: Islam. The weight of their sheer numbers presses down on us, blurs the big picture into a vast, murky shape it’s hard to wrap our minds around.

But one fact shines crystal clear from the darkness: Islam, the Religion of Piece…isn’t.

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