The “Mexicanization” Of Movies In America?

Why Is TV Cooler Than Movies These Days? Because Of The Mexicanization Of The American Audience. |

The impact upon the quality of films and the quantity of quality films influenced by the Mexicanization of the American audience is rather like the widely discussed effect of globalization: famously, explosions translate into any language, witty dialogue less so. But, as Hispanics become a massive pillar in the domestic audience, explosions play better here, too.

For example, the Academy Awards gave the latest Best Picture to Ben Affleck’s “Argo” largely to encourage the production of more mid-budget flicks aimed at middle-aged, educated, white Americans (like the Academy voters). “Argo” was a fine movie, but it’s hard to imagine it winning Best Picture in past eras when Hollywood made a similar quality movie for grown-ups about once a month rather than as a once a year exception that proves the rules.

In contrast, television, especially subscription channels, can rope in smaller but highly articulate predominantly white audiences for shows like Downton Abbey and Mad Men.

Let me point out the peculiar aspect of white flight from increasingly Mexicanized things: it’s seldom talked about as much as white flight from black things. The media is constantly full of discussions of whether or not whites are listening to enough black music or giving blacks enough Academy Awards. This kind of thing strikes white people as fun to argue over.

In contrast, white people’s declining interest in all things Mexican or even Mexican-influenced is almost never mentioned. It’s not a conspiracy of silence, however. It’s a conspiracy of boredom.

Huh. You know, I see so very few movies any more that I actually enjoy. I get far more use out of HBO than I do our of any movie venue.

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  1. I think it’s very parochial to put the trend on the Mexicanization of the American audience. It’s more likely that the increasing global audience is what’s leading the trend. Lot’s of people in the world are better off now than 20 years ago, and as that tide rises the percentage of screens, from theater to handheld, that are outside the country grows. The market to fill those screens is having an impact.
    The good news is that it’s easier than ever to go direct to your target audience. People with a bit more resources are giving up the fire hose of mediocrity for the niche on demand market.

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