What did they expect from a dick?

Weiner allegedly hurls ‘grandpa’ remark during AARP forum

At an AARP-Univision mayoral forum this morning, mayoral contender Anthony Weiner pulled out the age card to taunt his most vocal challengers, 69-year-old Doe Fund founder George McDonald. Weiner is 48.

Before the debate, Weiner put a hand on McDonald’s back and said hello, prompting McDonald to reply: “I would appreciate if you would never touch me again.”

Weiner retorted: “What are you going to do about it, grandpa?” according to two sources.

Kick his balls up to his chin.



What did they expect from a dick? — 5 Comments

  1. I suppose shooting the perverted SOB out of hand would be considered excessive.

    Not by me, though.

    That’s why Weiner supports gun bans and confiscations, though. He wants to kick grandpa ass with no worries about getting his head blown off.