anybody have any spare change?

While researching something just for information’s sake, I came upon this. I would cheerfully accept this as an early Christmas present.







Ballistics:900 gr (58 g) SP/FMJ 2,050 ft/s (620 m/s) 8,221 ft·lbf (11,146 J)
This is designed to knock big game base over apex using Cordite as the propellant.


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  1. I recall reading that one of the famous Big Game Hunters was asked why he used the 600 Nitro Express. His response was “Because they don’t make a 700”.
    The original loads were slower, you could actually see the round in flight.

    • genes they do make a 700 or at least at one time they did. I believe the ballistics on the 600 are better than the 700 that is why the 600 was so popular.I was mistaken the 700 is the newer of the 2 and was not produced by Holland and Holland until after the 600 had been discontinued.

  2. Nice li’l sledge hammer wabbit gun –

    A tad out of my league, price-wise, but one can dream – and hey, why not Dream Big, right?

    …designed to knock big game base over apex…

    a.k.a., suitable for biggish rhino (no, not Rethuglican In Name Only – the real thing; you know…), rather-large elephumps (that “real thing” again…) or moderate-to-largish masonry structures (brick shithouses,

    You sure we couldn’t interest you in something in a small mountain howitzer, or possibly an R.P.G.?

  3. BTW – I find three details of that offering (at the link) faintly disturbing:

    1) That cannon was apparently actually built in Canada – not a part of the world one would ordinarily associate with such devisings, at least not in anything like recent times.

    2) They’re asking 23 Large, and it’s not even engraved, much less anything solid gold , silver or platinum, or even plated with such?

    3) It’s being offered from a location in Illinoyance, which is, all things considered, one of the most difficult places in these presently-united States in which to even own – much less buy or sell – any sort of firestick whatsoever. (Ah, well, maybe the owner’s trying to sell it off before their Firearms Owner Identification permit expires or is otherwise revoked, and the Gendarmerie come by to confiscate it…)

  4. For about 21,500 less you could have a Ruger #1 and 20 rounds of 45-70. A much prettier effort IMHO. Yeah it ain’t no 600 NE, but it’ll still knock down ’bout anything that moves on this planet and probably some things that don’t. (like brick shithouses 🙂 )

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