Let Detroit Burn

Who killed Detroit? Not who you think – The Globe and Mail

Yet, as Mr. Mead notes, not everyone’s a loser. Although pensioners and school children may be out of luck, Wall Street has profited handsomely. Since 2005, the city has forked over $475-million in fees to the banks to refinance its debt. “We have no lights, no buses, poor streets and now we’re paying millions of dollars a year on our debt,” David Sole, a retired municipal worker, told Bloomberg.

Yeah, it’s the banks’ fault for properly pricing risky loans to a bunch of lefty crooks who spent most of the public money entrusted to them on vote-bribery and massive corruption.

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  1. She does come to the right conclusion.

    In fact, it wasn’t white people or black people who killed Detroit – it was corruption, misrule and Democratic-machine politics. But apart from local media (the Detroit Free Press has been on the case for years), no one cared. Maybe they didn’t want to make a city that is 90-per-cent black look bad.[They didn’t] Or maybe they thought the only bad guys in American public life are Republicans and rapacious corporations.[of course]. And that’s a shame, because, as Mr. Mead so eloquently argues, “corrupt big-city machines may be the most important single civil-rights issue in America today.”

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