Anti-Semitic She-Devil Shrew Shuffles Off At 92

The loathsome Helen Thomas descends to new depths.

Specifically, six feet under…


No. I’m not going to link to any of the vomitous, fawning obits.

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Anti-Semitic She-Devil Shrew Shuffles Off At 92 — 13 Comments

      • Point taken – problem is, as you said, did she have one; at least, one that was not so shriveled and shrunken down so as to have been able to be properly impaled?…


        I think not – so…maybe drop in a few garlands of fresh garlic, just before nailing down the lid. That’s the very best you could do, I think.


        Used to be, the only Sure Things were Death and Taxes – in a Liberal/Leftist-dominated existence, only Taxes remains absolutely inevitable.


        That’s why so many of those allegedly-dead people keep voting Democrap every year – some of them more than once at a time…

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