Fuck Obamacare

Judge grants exemption for Hobby Lobby in ObamaCare challenge

The ruling was welcomed by the Christian owners of Hobby Lobby and its sister company, the Mardel Christian bookstore chain. Attorneys for the Green family have argued that their religious beliefs are so deeply rooted that having to provide every form of birth control would violate their conscience.

What about those of us with a deep-seated, but not religion-based, belief that Obamacare violates our natural rights? What about those who believe — with very good reason — that Obamacare violates the US Constitution?

Fuck that judge.

Fuck Obamacare.

Fuck the retards who supported, and support, Obamacare.

Fuck the traitors in Congress who voted for that atrocity without reading the bill. And double-dog fuck Twatface Pelosi, who rammed it through without giving a chance to read it.

And Fuck Obama. Fuck Obama sideways. Fuck Obama with a 40mm dildo launcher.


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  1. More caviling:

    Union Fears ‘Destructive Consequences’ From Obamacare

    In a letter sent to President Barack Obama on Thursday, Laborers International Union of North America President Terry O’Sullivan wrote that the law has “destructive consequences” for the types of health plans that cover millions of unionized construction workers and their family members.

    A couple minutes’ searching didn’t expressly show that LIUNA pushed for Obamacare to go through, but I did find newsletters and bulletins from 2011, telling their members of the wonderful benefits under ACA. It’s a safe bet that they pushed it hard. Therefore:

    Fuck the Laborers International Union of North America. And fuck their president and their overwhelmingly white, male Board of Trustees.

  2. The only way I’d accept being President would be with the degree of dictatorial powers that would force me to kill myself for the good of the nation. Actually, that might not be true. I think I could make do with the refusal to spend money or enforce laws that I deemed unConstitutional. Entire departments eliminated with the stroke of a pen, regardless of Congressional budget and law. Of course, that would almost immediately lead to either ignoring the inevitable and rapid impeachment or to wholesale arrest of congressmen whom I deemed to be violating the Constitution … which gets me right back to dictatorial power.

    Now, putting me on the Supreme Court… I could see that. Nowhere does it say that justices have to be lawyers and the fact that every single one is and was can be viewed as a big strike against the system. But we’d get right back to an “of course” relating to my impeachment. I imagine that a common sense, plain language reading of the Constitution when it comes to judging laws would bestir Congress to impeach their second Supreme Court justice and convict their first. (And the first impeachment was all the way back in 1805, when the ink was barely dry.)

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