Washington State Man Arrested For Illegally Firing Shotgun To Ward Off Intruders, Cites Joe Biden’s Advice In His Defense…

Fifty-two-year-old Jeffery Barton plead not guilty to one count of illegal aiming or discharging a firearm.

Barton reportedly admitted to deputies that he fired his weapon while chasing away people who he thought were breaking into his vehicles at 5804 NE 124th St. in the early morning hours Monday.

Deputies have been investigating whether a large teen party that got out of control at a neighbor’s home may have been linked to the shooting. However, at this point, deputies have said there was no evidence of prowlers on Barton’s property.

Outside the courtroom Wednesday, Barton cited the vice president in defense of his actions.

“I did what Joe Biden told me to do,” Barton told KOIN. “I went outside and fired my shotgun in the air.”

“My Momma always said ‘Stupid is as stupid does'”
Correct answer when the KKKops are asking about gunshots: “I thought the punks down the street were setting off firecrackers again.”

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