Old Hack Gets Called Out By Young Bull

Washington Post Makes Bizarre, Factually Incorrect Claims About Glenn Greenwald, Can’t Figure Out How To Update | Techdirt

Except, that’s not true. The blog clearly carries just an excerpt with a link to the full piece at the end. Still, Pincus promised that a correction would be coming but, despite being aware of the mistakes for at least a day, the Washington Post (at the time I’m writing this) still has not posted a correction. Pincus told the Washington Post’s Erik Wemple (who has been doing good work on the story, and who rightly scolds Pincus for his actions) that a correction “is in the works.” Not sure why it should take so long, through.

Um…because Pincus is a lying piece of shit, and can’t imagine admitting public that he he got caught? After all, Ruling Class journalists assume that lying is one of the perks of their status, and it is considered highly impolite to openly nail them for it.

You could get drummed out of the club for doing something like that.

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