They need to make this Kid president of Egypt. — 10 Comments

  1. Think maybe we could locate a few dozen more like him over there, then offer an even-up trade for each one, in exchange for some of our “low-information voters”?

    Sheol, we could even trade him and others like him at a ten-low-info-clowns-to-one ratio, then give him and the other tradees a special deal: let ‘em each vote ten times. Sort of a reverse-ACORN kind of thing, y’know?

    Talk about a Path To Citizenship…

  2. Okay, for starters, he’s a prodigy.  I was like that when I was twelve, but I was a prodigy too.

    There aren’t all that many prodigies floating around.  Yes, Egypt needs more like him, but it needs them among regular folks.  He’ll either get murdered, or escape Egypt for somewhere civilized, start a tech company, and make a couple billion dollars.

    Outside of science and technology, prodigies rarely influence the great sweep of events, and I say this even as a fan of the Great Man theory of history. Great men don’t need to be prodigies to be great and, in almost all cases, they aren’t.

  3. Egypt is a cesspool of Islam. But even that cesspool has generated huge angry mobs of common people trying to bring an end to a ruthless, degenerate, corrupt administration.
    Don’t you wish we had that kind of fervor in this nation? Too bad we can get the military to step in and say ‘stop the corruption’ ‘we need a new regime.’

    No, I know, it can’t happen here. The fix is in, and the corruption is a fact of our continuing existence. God Damn Them All!

    • But even that cesspool has generated huge angry mobs of common people trying to bring an end to a ruthless, degenerate, corrupt administration.

      Unfortunately, in Muslim countries, that usually means the creation of a new ruthless, degenerate, corrupt administration.  That is the nature of Islam as expressed through Muslim governments pretty much without exception.  And yes, I’m including Turkey here, which is beginning to spin round the drain, too.

  4. What brought them out in droves in Egypt was the realization that they were on the verge of starvation if they continued down this path. They don’t necessarily mind ruthless, degenerate and corrupt regimes as long as it can feed them. After all, they voted Morsi into power and threw Mubarak out for the very same reason.

    Otherwise, like Bill said, they would insist on separation of Church and State because Sharia has never coexisted with republics or even democracies.

  5. My comment had nothing to do with Egypt, it had to do with our united states and our ruthless, degenerate, corrupt administration, and our unwillingness to stand up and say, Stop!
    We can be condescending all we want to the unclean of Egypt, but we are no better. We allow this administration to continue its corrupt, degenerate, and ruthless practices and all we do is say, “Isn’t it awful.”

  6. Yes, depressing.

    Fuck all religions and their fucking gods. Let’s all fornicate without Their fumbling, fucking fingers and phalluses of failed and fallacious philosophies.