Houston. You have a problem.

Intrusive stupid city government.
UPDATE: James Kelly, Navy Veteran, charged with dumpster diving in Houston, TX.

This is an update to the March incident in which a homeless veteran, James Kelly, was cited for “disturbing the contents of a trash can” in Houston, TX.

Civil Rights attorney Randall Kallinen, graciously took the case and got the charge against James dismissed. Randall also helped to coordinate the travel of James to the West Coast, as was his original destination when passing through Houston. The Black Sphere is appreciative for Mr. Kallinen’s efforts in this case and we wish him continued success as a lawyer, and both artist and gallery owner.

Mr. Kelly is currently reunited with his family in California, and enjoying the sunny summer days in the Golden State. I was finally able to connect directly with James via email and inform him that The Black Sphere supporters had so generously donated funds on his behalf. Though a man of few words, he did send this short note:
“Thank you all for being such a help and to everybody that assisted. Thank you all for everything you have done for me – James Kelly”

“Disturbing the contents of a trash can” You have to do that to empty them.

The “dumpster diving ordinance” was originally passed in April 2012 by the Houston City Council. The Council voted on the ordinance without presenting an opportunity for residents to vote on the issue.

When did Nancy get a seat on the Houston City Council?

“The ordinance is specific to the Central Business District,” the Houston Police Department said in a statement. “It is a violation for anyone to remove any contents of any bin, bag or other container that has been placed for collection of garbage, trash or recyclable materials. An officer has probable cause to issue such a citation when a person is seen opening a lid and rummaging through contents of a dumpster or trash can.”

If you think you threw out an important paper you’re going to get a ticket.
I suspect that the landfill gets paid by the load and someone on the council is getting funds from it.
The hard drive in this PC, 2 USB DVD drives a couple keyboards, USB hubs, Toshiba laptop power supply, and assorted computer accessories came from a dumpster. Lots of good stuff gets tossed for things like damaged box or some moron couldn’t hook it up right and didn’t have all the packaging.


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  1. When I was still living in South Denver, each year my father and I would check the fraternity/sorority dumpsters at DU the week before school ended. It was amazing what was thrown out rather than shipping it back home for the summer.

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