It’s Islam: Because You Still End Up With Evil

PJ Media » Why President Morsi Is in Trouble

The protests that are rocking the Egyptian government today date back to June 2012, when the Egyptian people found out the results of the first round of the presidential elections. They discovered that their choice of candidates included Mohammed Morsi (the Muslim Brotherhood candidate) and General Shafiq (the last prime minister of the Mubarak government). The choice was tough. Many people remembered how violent, disastrous, bloody, and corrupt the Mubarak administration was, which made them think of excluding Shafiq from their voting options. So the question became whether to boycott the elections or vote for Morsi, who represented the lesser of  two evils.

That “lesser of two evils” choice never seems to work out very well, does it?

Here’s the real problem with the region: Islam. Most of the inhabitants are Muslims. At bottom, Islam preaches submission and fatalism. If those are your primary governing precepts, you are generally going to have lousy choices, and you are going to make lousy decisions within the parameters of those choices.

As we’ve been noticing for the past several hundred years.

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