Carrol to Rubio: Pump Me Harder! Harder!

Why I still love Marco Rubio |

If you’ve been following my coverage of S. 744, the immigration reform effort I’ve been calling the “Schumer-Rubio” bill, then you already know that I do not believe the legislation is good public policy.

There is no need to go over why this is so, but it is safe to say that on pretty much every policy and political point during the debate, I have strongly disagreed with Sen. Marco Rubio’s position.

That said, the Florida Republican has conducted himself like a true statesman throughout this entire campaign.

It was obvious from the beginning that supporting an immigration bill with a path to citizenship was going to be a tough and risky sell to the conservative base of the Republican Party, but Rubio took that risk.

Yeah. After lying and lying and lying some more about his real views in order to get elected, then promptly relversing himself and showing that the reasons we supported his election were nothing more than falsehoods.

I guess that’s what “statesmen” do, right? Carrol, go hump yourself. You’re an even bigger problem than Rubio himself, because it is fellating tools and hacks like you that bend over and take these lying poltroons right up the arse and beg for more, thus giving them ever more cover for their nefarious lies and schemes.

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