Fool Me Once, Your Fault. Fool Me Over and Over, And I’m a Suicidal Idiot

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In other words, the timing of the normalization doesn’t change.  The initial legal status still takes place first — the temporary legal status that allows illegal immigrants to register without deportation and find work.  Rubio explained that the fines get levied at the first stage, which will fund the border-security provisions.

It’s still scamnesty, because it is still legalization first, and border security…whenever.

If ever.

These people lie. I don’t care what “trigers” they put in, or how “robust” they tell us those triggers are, all of that will become yesterday’s news, and meaningless, the moment the bill is signed into law, and millions of current illegals become legal.

Why do you think Congress will do something it has promised to do, and then failed to do – secure the border – time and time again in the past?

Are you a suicidal idiot?


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“Provisional” legalization of the 11 million illegals currently in the U.S. comes first, virtually immediately. Then comes whatever border security the bill will produce, then (Step 3) the granting of green cards and ultimately citizenship to the already legalized “provisionals.” The Gang made this  legalization-first structure emphatically clear this past week when it rejected the amendment from Sen. Grassley that would have required “effective control” of the border for six months before any legalization.  It also became clear that legalization comes first when Sen. Rubio said, “First comes the legalization.”

Once again:  How suicidally idiotic are you?

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Fool Me Once, Your Fault. Fool Me Over and Over, And I’m a Suicidal Idiot — 2 Comments

  1. My suburban friends of all stripes don’t understand the fear of illegal immigrants/immigration specifically because they don’t work/live/play anywhere near the towns that have been taken over by the flood of third world immigrants. Here is what I tell them:

    1 – Whether it’s Brewster in Upstate New York, everything east of I-110 in Lost Angeles, large sections of Palo Alto, the non-Polish sections of South and West Chicago, or any other ethnic enclave filled with illegal immigrants, the result is the same: high rates of crime, dependency, disease, idle populations, and a wholesale disregard of American values and the American people.

    2 – Legal immigrants are some of the most strident and pro-American people I know, especially those from Latin America who went through the system to become Americans. They HATE the idea that illegal immigrants – the people they came here to escape from – will be allowed to stay while they worked and paid to become citizens.

    3 – There is no chance the ‘border security’ in this bill will be implemented or effective, because the millions of undocumented Democrats will ensure that nobody who wants to close the borders off from their relatives back home who will come as soon as the current illegals are settled.

    4 – Making the currently illegal, parasitic population legal will not magically turn those people into hard working, productive citizens. That which is rewarded is repeated, and Congress/Obama is about to award illegal entry and dependency on tax payer wealth redistribution with legitimacy and the basis for dragging across the border those who are currently too lazy/derelict/stupid to have made the trip already.

    My only question is why oh why do so many people in Congress hate America and Americans so much as to continue to hurt those who are most in need of jobs and purpose through the importation of the third world’s excess populations?

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