Big Surprises Coming

Harry Reid: We could pass the Gang of Eight’s immigration bill right now if we wanted to; Update: Should they? « Hot Air

So yeah, Reid can probably break a filibuster, unless Rubio finally melts under all the heat he’s getting from the right lately. Chances of that are slim, though. It’s in his long-term political interest to stick with the bill, no matter how much abuse he takes in the near term.

Only Allahpundit could come up with an analysis as wrong-headed as this.

He still thinks the Ruling Party is eternal.

Frankly, Rubio might as well go ahead and vote for scamnesty. He can’t do any more damage to his long-term, short-term, or medium-term prospects than he’s already managed.

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  1. Who is the leading candidate to launch a fillibuster by taking the floor and speaking for as long as he or she can a la Rand Paul. We need some people to take a minority stand that forces media attention to focus on how unpopular this issue is to the ordinary American. People should come here legally. They should exhibit skills that immediately make them employable at a wage rate that supports them without any aid from the state. I mean any aid including using the emergency room as your family doctor. They should show some English ability and exhibit qualities that can make them good candidates for eventual citizenship through traditional means. It doesn’t mean they have to be citizens eventually. Some may choose not to become citizens for some reason. It used to be a free country, so I’m cool with that. Even if they freely choose this path, they need to assimilate.

    You know, like my grandparents and great grandparents ancestors. (I am a mutt, with three European ethnic histories ranging from Nordic, Gailic and Mediterranean blood lines.

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