Leviathan Protects Its Own – By Any Means Necessary

UFCW Runs Ad Claiming That Privatizing Pennsylvania Liquor Stores Will Kill People – Hit & Run : Reason.com

Female narrator: Thanks to current laws and the
effectiveness of wine and spirit stores employees Pennsylvania has
the lowest death rate associated with alcohol consumption in the
nation. Tell your state senator to say no to liquor privatization.
We don’t want other children to lose their parents.

As you can see on the Century
Council’s website
, Pennsylvania doesn’t appear to actually have
“the lowest death rate associated with alcohol consumption.” Though
I think it’s fair to say that it has some of the most tin-eared and
shameless public sector employees in the nation.

“tin-eared and shameless?”

Try “dishonest and evil.” And throw in “greedy” while you’re at it.

Leftists: If they couldn’t lie, they’d have nothing to say at all.

No, wait. That’s politicians. Never mind.

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I am a small-l libertarian. My primary concern is to increase individual liberty as much as possible in the face of statist efforts to restrict it from both the right and the left. If I had to sum up my beliefs as concisely as possible, I would say, "Stay out of my wallet and my bedroom," "your liberty stops at my nose," and "don't tread on me." I will believe that things are taking a turn for the better in America when married gays are able to, and do, maintain large arsenals of automatic weapons, and tax collectors are, and do, not.


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