The Beadle and the Damage Done

George F. Will: Congress slips its constitutional leash – The Washington Post

Today, Congress exercises police powers never granted by the Constitution. Conservatives who favor federal “wars” on drugs, gambling and other behaviors should understand the damage they have done to the constitutional underpinnings of limited government.

Those yahoos don’t, and can’t, understand a damned thing. They’re doing god’s work, and that’s all they know or care about.

To hell with liberty. They don’t care about limited government. In fact, they’re as crazed with power and control as any other statist. Socons and socialists – brothers under the skin.  They know how you should live better than you do, and they’ll keep right on hammering you until you submit.

(I know, PG, not you….)

PS: Should be interesting to see how the statist hacks over at NRO take this from George Will, of all people.

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I am a small-l libertarian. My primary concern is to increase individual liberty as much as possible in the face of statist efforts to restrict it from both the right and the left. If I had to sum up my beliefs as concisely as possible, I would say, "Stay out of my wallet and my bedroom," "your liberty stops at my nose," and "don't tread on me." I will believe that things are taking a turn for the better in America when married gays are able to, and do, maintain large arsenals of automatic weapons, and tax collectors are, and do, not.


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  1. (I know, PG, not you….)

    Heh. Guess you got tired of my endless rebuttals. 🙂

    You know what’s strange? A lot of my friends are like me in this regard: pretty darned socially conservative, but completely opposed to using the club of the state to force compliance with those views. I guess that I live an insular life. Of course, I would bet that-unfortunately- a lot of people at my church would disagree with me. However, as more and more evidence of government malfeasance comes to light, some of them are coming around to my way of thinking. The fact that the government corrupts anything it touches has made them think of what might happen to their pet causes.

    Crikey, if I could start a political party, it would be the Protect Us From Enemies and Then Fuck Off and Leave Me Alone party. I’m betting that I’d have lots of company.

  2. I think you give many members of Congress too much credit. Some of them ARE power crazed statists, but not all, maybe not even a majority.

    Consider MSM news anchors, accurately called news readers by the Brits. They don’t do any investigating; they don’t have “sources”; they don’t gather facts and put them together; they don’t even ask Who, What Where, When or Why. They arrive at the studio, put on makeup, get every hair plastered in place, and then the camera lights turn on and they read what was written for them. Congressmen are like that.

    • Pithy objection, but I refuse to call petty thieves criminal masterminds. Too many of them are third rate functionaries in shiny packages who have been living out the Peter Principle due to connections or good luck, often both. The core of Congressional leadership ARE criminal masterminds, but they round up the votes from sheep.

      • Once again, horseshit.  I dunno why I’m even dignifying your habitual urge to nitpick me, but here’s the deal, Lorenzo:

        We are talking about 530 some men and women who have clawed their way to the very pinnacle of the political heap, out of a population of 315,000,000.  By definition, they are the baddest animals in our political jungle.  Not a sheep among them – every one a predator, red in tooth and claw.

        If you are stupid enough to underestimate them, well, you’re stupid enough to underestimate them.

        I’m not.








  3. I think you give many members of Congress too much credit. Some of them ARE power crazed statists, but not all, maybe not even a majority.

    This is, of course, grossly inaccurate, and might be rather amusing if the reality was not so generally destructive.

    If you examine their individual histories and personalities, however, the evidence becomes all-too-clear: The bulk of Congressvarmints are primary power- and wealth-seekers, mostly only median-level or below in general intelligence, but possessed of both a powerful ego and a conviction that they, as individuals, are inherently better-equipped, one way or another, to be arbiters of how society should be – and will be, by God, one way or another – than any of the vast majority of inDUHviduals. They are inner-directed vote-getting machines, in service to the coupling of that ego and that conviction, and damn few of them have any root-motivation beyond the pursuit of political command and control – power and wealth, each feeding the other – using any and all means available to maximize that pursuit.

    They may not start out that way – though the evidence strongly suggests that most do – but that’s how nearly all of them are, in pretty short-order. Just as most self-made rich people are driven primarily to pursue and accumulate riches, the political command-and-control personality is driven primarily to pursue and perpetuate – and whenever and wherever possible, to expand that exercise of power and the acquisition and manipulation of wealth that both feeds and demonstrates – vindicates – that power.

    As Bill makes reference to, these are the electoral survivors – the Chosen Few – well under a thousand out of a field of over 300 million, and they have achieved that high place (in their own view) because they are better – brighter – uniquely, inherently suited to command…to lead…to control.

    However could they see it otherwise?

    In the end, almost to a man – or woman – they fear only somehow losing that exercise of control, that wielding of power and wealth, and that drives them to do whatever seems necessary to maintain their hold, their spot in that high place.

    Keep in mind, as well: Although they would have most people believe they are all “the best and brightest”, and they themselves do believe that, many of these people are of only moderate – or lower, often enough substantially lower – general intelligence; not, by any measure, the brightest bulbs in the carton. They are, often enough, primarily cunning, conniving, narrow-gauge glad-handers and deal-makers, with a big-ego surface cleverness and vote-getting flash, veneered over a personality with, underneath, the shallowness of a sidewalk puddle on a sunny day. As such, they will not accept being deterred or redirected, except by the most extreme measures. Mere logical argumentation cannot usefully move them except in the rarest of cases.

    Such people as these serve only an agenda in pursuit of political control and the exercise thereof. As such, they are, by default, Statists and proponents of Big Gubmint, since that is essential to that agenda. They have no real interest in “public service” in the true meaning; they instead believe – sooner or later, mostly sooner or to begin with – that the public should serve them – since they are “the elect” and “the voice of reason and authority”, we are – by right – to respect and obey their will.

    They are a very real danger to all of us, both socially and economically, especially when and if they are opposed in their real agenda.

  4. And so, Lorenzo, given the characterization of politicians by Bill and J. S. then what measures can be taken to limit the damage done. Those of us who understand government as a necessary evil (and that surely includes the founding fathers) need to focus right there. It is now clear that all the strong measures for limitations of power by the founders were not enough. What more is needed?

  5. Don’t know; hence the question mark.

    A number of proposals have been surfaced. Term limits for the 535 crooks not just the executive crook? More explicit & severe limitations on Congress, e.g., commerce clause narrowing? Circuit breakers against the revolving door such as Instapundit’s tax surcharge? Looking for ideas here.

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