Suddenly, To Its Vast Surprise, NRO Discovers that Scamnesty is a Scam….

Rubio’s Folly, Cont. | National Review Online

A note about the political background to all this: This bill is in no small part a reaction to the 2012 election, a product of the media-consultant complex that has convinced Republicans that immigration reform is the key to the Hispanic heart, and that Hispanic votes are the key to winning future presidential elections. Republicans probably are too optimistic about their prospects among Hispanic voters. But it is worth noting that the two sides in this immigration debate are being led by Hispanic Republican senators: Marco Rubio for the Gang of Eight, Ted Cruz for the opposition. One of them, needless to say, is making more sense than the other.

I’d take all of this sudden anti-immigration reform blather from NRO, the mouthpiece of the GOP establishment, better, were it not for the fact that they as an editorial policy have been shrieking for “immigration reform” ever since GWB tried to cram it through in 2007, and discovered he had no political credit at the national ATM.

What sort of “immigration reform bill” did these mokes think they were ever going to get from a combination of Democrats and Ruling Party Republicans? The only thing acceptable to these gangsters is amnesty, so that the Dems can get a vast infusion of potential votes, and the corporate backers of the Gentry GOP can get a vast infusion of low-cost wage slaves subsidized by American workers and taxpayers.

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Suddenly, To Its Vast Surprise, NRO Discovers that Scamnesty is a Scam…. — 2 Comments

  1. “Low cost wage slaves” is Marxist bullpucky. There’s a big difference between compelling persons to do what you want by force and voluntary market agreements. A job that one can quit at any time is not a form of enslavement; not literally, not metaphorically. Drawing on anti-capitalist theology is not the best way for a presumed pro-capitalist to oppose the immigration bill.

    • In the first place, I’m a capitalist, not a neo-capitalist.

      In the second place, apparently you are clueless about how free markets are supposed to work in nations with actual, you know, borders.

      In a nation with borders, in which the markets within those borders are free, businesses compete for workers from the available pool.  If those businesses are unable to hire sufficient workers for their needs, then they need to offer more pay, until an equilibrium is reached, and an honest contractual agreement is reached between employee and employer.

      What is happening here is corporations are using political clout to avoid the honest market for labor, and, instead, importing millions of low-skill aliens willing to work for far less than Americans.  This distorts the labor market irreparably, because it gives to businesses a threat they can use to force the American labor pools to accept lower wages than they otherwise would in a market not unbalanced by force and fraud.

      If you think that is fine and dandy, then what you are really advocating is an end to American borders and, hence, an end to America as a sovereign nation.  I don’t know what you do, but I’d be willing to bet that your employer could find some alien more than willing do do whatever it is you do for half the cost of your labor.

      If you think that advocating against that is Marxism, then you are a sadly, and suicidally, confused human being.



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