No, I’m Not Going to Get All Excited Over Gomez In Massachusetts

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Democrats know they have a problem; privately, they worry about Markey’s long, unremarkable Washington career. So they have called in the two best reinforcements they could think of: outside money and some speechifying by Barack Obama.

Meanwhile, on the Republican side, crickets.

I guess a Gomez victory wouldn’t generate enough revenues for consultants or something.

Republicans threw their hearts, souls, and wallets into electing Scott Brown in Massachusetts, who then stabbed us in the back whenever he felt like it, on the thesis that he couldn’t be too conservative in Massachusetts. Then Massholes kicked his ass to the curb anyway in favor of a lying, brain-dead phony Indian marxist.

My thought when the begging emails on Gomez’s behalf arrived in my inbox?

Why bother?

Let it burn.

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No, I’m Not Going to Get All Excited Over Gomez In Massachusetts — 2 Comments

  1. But, but… he’s Hispanic! After the amnesty, he’ll combine with Rubio to reduce the Democrats’ Hispanic registration margin from nine to one all the way to seven to three! And did you know Jeb Bush’s son George P. is half Hispanic? Wait ’til he gets elected in Texas!

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