Looks like fun. Indoctrination, but fun.

Beats the hell out of dodge ball and badminton.

Summer camp, ‘Palestinian’ style

Youths aged between six and 16 were seen taking part in a range of exercises, including one that simulated the capture of an Israeli soldier.

Elsewhere in the mock warzone in the town of Rafah, budding fighters crawled under barbed wire, jumped through fire and ducked for cover behind sandbags in the desert terrain.

Explosions and burning tyres helped to simulate realistic battle conditions, as boys were coached to flee from the enemy and shoot at targets. Bullets were fired overhead by their masked supervisors.

The boys were also pictured marching and standing to attention as orders were barked at them to instil military discipline.

OK the marching ain’t fun*, but the war games are. Too bad it’s run by scum and murderers indoctrinating kids into hating all non-muslims.

*Child abuse. Ever marched or stood at attention in 100+ degree temps?


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  1. Sounds just like the training Al Qaeda had going in Afghanistan. It wasn’t much use against American troops with REAL combat training, either there or in Iraq. All Muslim males with rifles imagine themselves “warriors” and this kind of training just gives them the confidence they need to think they really are warriors – until they meet the professionals. It didn’t work with adults, I wonder why they think it’ll work with kids.

    • There’s nothing new about this sort of thing:
      Wakeup Call from Former Islamo-Fascist Terrorist Kamal Saleem/ interview opportunity

      Q: Kamal’s stories of being trained as a boy soldier have been said to “border on the fantastic.” Can you prove that Arafat and the PLO used child soldiers?

      A: Yes, also see below in Eyewitness Accounts as well as the following:

      Media Watch International (documents Arafat’s use of child soldiers.)
      A Sept. 2001 report by the BBC documents widespread use of child soldiers as young as age 10 throughout the Middle East. The report also notes that “there had been an improvement in the Middle East since the large-scale use of child soldiers in the Lebanese civil war.” (Online at: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/1266534 )

      In his book, Armies of the Young: Child Soldiers in War and Terrorism, (Rutgers University Press, 2005), author David Rosen includes an entire chapter on Palestinian child soldiers. Rosen writes that immediately following the 1967 Six Day War, “Children and youth, long active as militants and terrorists during the period of the British mandate, immediately resurfaced with the onset of the Israeli occupation.”

      Rosen documents that Arafat himself was “a youth fighter, and an organizer of children.” Rosen’s book also contains testimony from children who formed combatant cells and sought opportunities to engage in battle.

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