Charlie Rangel on the Arbitrary Powers of Barack Obama

“If it was different president, I might take different look” – Rangel says NSA program OK since Obama is president » The Right Scoop –

Charlie Rangel admitted today that even though he voted against the NSA legislation in 2007, he’s really ok with it as long as the right president is in office. After all, he says he doesn’t want to micro-manage these issues when the country is under threat.

Ah. The Great Man theory of republican representation rears its ugly head.

George Washington, the presiden whose well-polished boots Barack Hussein Obama isn’t fit to lick, had this to say on the matter:

George Washington – Wikiquote

Arbitrary power is most easily established on the ruins of liberty abused to licentiousness.

We are standing on the ruins of our liberties now, as the arbitrary power of Leviathan grows ever more mighty.

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  1. I’m quite sure that America’s citizens and true patriots are deeply reassured by Congressmoron Rangel’s attesting to the trust we can all be certain resides safely with The Obamanation And Company in these perilous times.

    Sleep well and soundly tonight and every night, Americans – your “Progressive” Socialist Supreme Leader is ever-alert and on the job*…

    Hey, who needs a Constitution – or “individual rights” – or even any of that “personal privacy” stuff, anyway? We’ve got The Magical (Half-)Black Guy in charge!

    What could possibly go wrong with that?…

    (*That is, when he’s not busy playing another 18 or 36 holes – or sucking the nether parts of other Marxist-Socialist tyrants “world leaders” – or sneaking a smoke or two out back…)

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