Obama: I Have A Great Idea – Let’s Finance More Slaughters of Jews

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Israeli leaders for the most part have reacted to Kerry’s constant harping by rolling their eyes. He seems like a complete lunatic. Obviously he will fail and the best thing we can do is smile and nod, like you do when you are dealing with a crazy person.
Even when Kerry claimed that the reason Israelis aren’t interested in peace is that we have too much money to care, we didn’t take offense. Because really, why take anything he says seriously? And aside from that, they ask, what can the Obama administration do to us, at this point? Every single day it becomes more mired in scandal.

The Obama/Kerry “plan” is to give the PA/PLO/Fatah/whatever the Paleoswinian savages are calling themselves these days four billion dollars.

I suspect Obama is worried that with Saddam Hussein dead, nobody is contributing enough blood money to the barbarians to support continued assaults on the evil Jews. But he’s more than happy to step in and fill that breach.

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