Is It Time to Hoist The Black Flag and Start Slitting Throats Yet?

Conservatives ruin things, sometimes | Questions and Observations

Taking a play from the book of liberals who shout down speakers like Ann Coulter, however, some conservatives showed up and apparently ruined the event by constant heckling.

So, to all you hecklers who ruined the seminar by being disruptive: Now none of us know what Killian meant when he said Facebook postings might be criminal. We don’t know how he thought he could prosecute such postings. That would’ve been interesting to know. Now we don’t know, because you effed it up. So, the next time Coulter gets shouted down by Lefties, you can have nice big cup of STFU. You’re no better than they are.

Oh, and pro tip: When a US Attorney may be willing to go to a dark place when talking about free speech, the best thing you can do is LET HIM. If he’s gonna just hand you his own head on a plate, don’t stop him. Let him drone on about it as much as he wants, and record it. Now, he can do the whole “more in sadness than anger” shtick and whine about how he’s just a poor misunderstood boy.

Jeebus, some people on the Right are utter dolts.

Well, sure.

Of course, some people on the right are so sick and tired of the double standards applied that they forget to play the game correctly – especially since doing so often avails them nothing, given how warped is the anti-conservative hack propaganda peddled by the MSM.

Besides, what would be so interesting to know about the methods by which a liberal fascist tyranny intends to implement liberal fascism? We’re going to find out the hard way anyway. Unless you think such tyranny is going to be impeded by peaceful silence from the listeners while the commandments of tyranny are promulgated.

Anyway, he did speak, and finish his speech, and some nuggets were published:

U.S. Attorney Bill Killian greeted by hostile crowd at Manchester, Tenn., free speech event |

“Let me be clear, in this country, hateful speech is allowed,” Killian said. “It is protected by the freedom of speech part of the first amendment.

“But if someone makes threats of violence, that is not protected speech and they will be prosecuted,” he said. “Likewise, if someone commits acts of violence under the guise of religious or other speech, they will be prosecuted for their violent acts.”

Killian said the same behaviors that lead to bullying in schools also lead to hate crimes and other acts of hate and violence.

The honey badger in this particular woodpile is how “threats” and “violence” are treated as a legal matter of definitions. And we permit far too much leeway on the part of the state in artificially establishing those definitions.

Finally, as for the report Dale cites about the “ruination” of the meeting, it doesn’t sound to me as if very much was ruined:

‘Embarrassing’: Hecklers Ruined Highly Anticipated ‘Muslim Education’ Meeting in Tennessee, Comedian Tells TheBlaze |

Allen said he was genuinely interested to hear what Killian had to say about the First Amendment and Islam, but he just regurgitated prepared “talking points” about how “wonderful American Muslims have assimilated.”

Sounds to me as if the guy knew he’d kicked a hornet’s nest, and was deep into the “baffle them with banal bullshit” mode.

As for the “conservative comedian” who made the complaint?

Concern troll. All the way.

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I am a small-l libertarian. My primary concern is to increase individual liberty as much as possible in the face of statist efforts to restrict it from both the right and the left. If I had to sum up my beliefs as concisely as possible, I would say, "Stay out of my wallet and my bedroom," "your liberty stops at my nose," and "don't tread on me." I will believe that things are taking a turn for the better in America when married gays are able to, and do, maintain large arsenals of automatic weapons, and tax collectors are, and do, not.


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  2. Clearly, Dale Franks has a serious need to reach down between his own knees, grab himself by the ears and extract his head forcibly from his own ass.

    1) If you go to a “presentation” entitled “Public Disclosure in a Diverse Society”, with the chief “presenters” being an Eric Holder-acolyte Gubmint mouthpiece (Killian, of course) and a Fibbie SAC (Moore), where the announced intent is to eddicate you bitter-clingerer country bumpkins regarding not bein’ all mean an’ stuff on-line to those dear, sweet, innocent li’l Muzzies, just why and how should you logically conclude that you will hear anything other than more Big-Gubmint bluster and bullshit? Quite predictably, at best, all you’re going to get is dire warnings against actual written or verbal expressions of personal opinions derogatory of anything-Muslim (whether based upon facts or simply personal opinion) – nothing new or useful there. As it turned out, there wasn’t even that much – the most useful part of the affair seems to have been the heckling and the reactions to it.

    2) If some attendees choose to voice some derogatory comments regarding the appropriateness and/or utility of the “presentations” from a couple of Gubmint peckerheads on the current “party line” regarding First Amendment expressions either on-line or elsewhere, it doesn’t “ruin” the meeting, just gives it an appropriate touch of “down-home” relevancy. That’s the real problem with that “freedom of speech” thingy, isn’t it?…some folks’re always trying to actually speak freely

    3) If the aforementioned couple of Gubmint peckerheads have problems with a little “verbal push-back”, maybe the solution is for them to not try to stage asinine “presentations” like this. After all, the Fibbies and the Department Of (In)Justice don’t noticeably pay any attention to what those bitter-clingerers have to say – why should anyone have inflicted upon them what the Gubmint peckerheads have to say?

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