Hey, Kid – Wanna Save the World? Boy, Do I Have a Deal For You….

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Ironically, young voters tend to support policies that, in actual application, benefit insiders at their expense.

It is the nature of youth to be both stupid and ignorant. In our current culture, the Ruling Class is doing everything it can to keep them that way permanently.

Age and attendance in the school of hard knocks is supposed to remedy these conditions. But by the time it happens, it will likely be too late for at least a couple of generations of dumbasses.

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  1. Not that long ago — I’m thinking 1980s because the saying would have applied to me — it was said that the US has the stupidest 18-year-olds in the world but the most capable 30-year-olds. One can assume that was a reflection of both the atrocious public schools and the competitive and somewhat-free-wheeling business environment.

    Now, with 26-year-olds treated as children (parents’ health insurance, subsidized this-and-that) and opportunities for starting and succeeding in small business being choked off as fast as bureaucratically possible, I doubt anyone will ever say we have competent 30-year-olds.

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