Nemo I see your Weiner and raise you one McAuliffe — 3 Comments

  1. No one can match Wiener. No matter what anyone else does, did, or threatens to do what we have here is a flaming asshole of the first water, who, even before the sexting scandal, was largely considered a joke by his fellow legislators. He had no substance or agenda, preferring to live off the efforts of others in Congress, showing up at their pressers and stealing the cameras with outlandish posturing and histrionic bleats. He was not only not respected, but barely tolerated.

    Then along came to sexting thing. He lied blatantly, blamed others, and finally when he was forced to cave, did so in the most mealy-mouthed manner I have witnessed. And the bottom line is, no matter what governor cheated on his wife, what mayor stole from whom, or what diplomat lied through her teeth, they can’t compare to Wiener’s “Yick” factor. Sending pictures of your bonered-up whities to young girls you don’t know is about as pervy as it gets. It’s sickening in ways ordinary malfeasance can’t match.

    The only reason this colossal joke is in the news is spelled C-L-I-N-T-O-N. I hope its her doownfall.

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