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The PJ Tatler » Lois Lerner, Slapped With Lawsuit Papers at Home

True the Vote is suing IRS employees personally, including Lois Lerner.  Learner was served this morning with the lawsuit (via Twitchy) by a process server at her home.  The lawsuit can be found here listing Lerner as a defendant in her personal capacity.  The reason the complaint header lists her home address is because she is being sued in her personal capacity and for the process server.


These are called Bivens lawsuits, based on a SCOTUS decision that permits in certain situations individuals to file civil suits against individual government employees. Mark Levin has been pushing the notion, and it is a good one. I hope ever scumbag bureaucrat shown to have any hand in these corrupt practices is sued into penury by those they have so arrogantly injured under color of law and regulation.

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