Marco, Marco, Wherefore Art Thou?

Marco Rubio is turning into a major disappointment for the national grass-roots country class conservatives who propelled him to his come-from-behind victories in Florida.  In a way, he’s starting to look like the sort of “well-spoken, good-looking Hispanic guy” that Ruling Party Republicans have lusted after as a front for their own agendas.

We spoke to Brandon after his address and he told us that Rubio seems to have a strange relationship with his grassroots supporters, and also believes he (Rubio) is being manipulated by political consultants. Brandon all but said that Rubio’s grassroots outreach is almost non-existent, and that Rubio only reached out to the grassroots when it was politically expedient for him.

At some point fairly soon Rubio is going to have to choose between the people who got him elected, and the people who have coopted him (if that is what has happened) into their own elitist coterie.  And if he can’t make the choice, we’ll do it for him.

(via Marco Rubio Shunned By Freedomworks at Conservative Blogcon – The Shark Tank for more).

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