The Terrible Suspicion that Somebody, Somewhere, Might Be Having Fun

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“It’s bad enough that we’re throwing our frail and sick into federal prison with no evidence that they violated state medical marijuana laws,” said Joe Elford, Chief Counsel with Americans for Safe Access (ASA). “But to deny those patients the most basic medical needs in prison is beyond shameful.” The controversy over the BOP failure to place Duval in a medical facility comes less than year after Montana medical marijuana patient Richard Flor died in federal detention last August while serving a 5-year sentence for a similar conviction. The Justice Department also never provided evidence at any point that Flor had violated Montana’s medical marijuana law.

The article goes on to blame the Obama administration. Who do I blame? All of them.

Sure. But nothing illegal was done by the state. Federal laws against marijuana possession and use trump state laws permitting such for medical reasons. That’s just the Constitution.

Don’t like it? Well, don’t vote for federal legislators who support the insane and counterproductive War on Some Drugs. Because sin!

(Libertarians want to take control of the government – so they can leave you alone!)

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