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Two books were mentioned in the course of the discussion afterwards that I intend to investigate further.

Christian Michel mentioned this collection of lectures by Michel Foucault, in one of which he apparently said something embarrassingly (given the kind of people who were listening) nice things about the free market as the only place where freedom actually happens, or some such surprising thing. I’ve already emailed Christian asking for chapter and verse of the quote in question.

And second, Aiden Gregg (who is an academic psychologist and who has already been fixed to speak at a later one of these meetings) mentioned the writings of somebody called Larken Rose, a new name to me, and in particular this book, which appears to cover similar ground, albeit in a somewhat different style, to that discussed in Michael Huemer’s The Problem of Political Authority, which has been written about here recently.

Evenings like this don’t have any immediate world-changing impact, but every little helps.

I used to host "salons" like these fifteen or so years ago. I need to try to get something like that going again here in San Francisco.

Believe it or not, SF just might be a fertile ground for a local resurgence in libertarian politics.

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