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You all know slack, right?Bob-Dobbs

Last week was a no-chemo slack week, so I went down to Old San Antone to handle some personal business. It turned into a crazy-making pell-mell helter-skelter week that I finally escaped yesterday. So goes things, and all is well now. Remember, slack will find you, not the other way around. Plus, I hauled my gas grill back, so I will now be able to have grilled delicacies, like Slovacek or Opa jalapeno & cheese sausages on demand.

I stopped at Quality Seafood in that Red Austin on the way back, and bought my customary five pounds of alligator/pork sausage. They get it from Crescent City Meat Co of Metairie. It is consistently the greatest sausage I’ve ever eaten. I highly recommend it. My preferred prep method is to smoke it at about 175 for a couple of hours, and then grill it to crisp up the skin as needed. Quality Seafood is an excellent choice for seafood dining, as well…there’s no place in Austin I’d rather go to eat.

Also of note was the garden show I listened to leaving SA where I learned that their fall tomato plants are still producing. They’re fretting about when to replace them with spring plantings. That just seems unfair. On the flip side, I arrived to what appeared to be snow lining the bar ditches of Kaufman County and frigid windy conditions…it turned out to be hail. I hope our tomato plants are OK.

Me, too.

Interesting that as spring has now sprunged, everybody's thoughts are turning to…food.

What, were you all hibernating like bears or something?

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