Never Saw It Coming

The ‘Uncle Tom-ing’ of Ben Carson Begins

In short, Touré has a special contempt for black men who criticize President Obama. There may be many different interpretations of the definition of racial prejudice and/or racism, but my understanding of racism is that it is the belief that humans are divided into distinct groups based upon their skin color and genetic make-up, and those groups are expected to behave and think in certain ways (inferior or superior) solely based upon their race. Touré’s special loathing of Dr. Carson may not be based upon his race, but it certainly appears to be. And if that doesn’t fall under the description of racism, then I would really appreciate it if Touré could explain the distinction to me, because I’m having trouble seeing it.


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  1. On his show, Touré said this of Carson:

    Carson is a brilliant medical thinker but he's got intellectual tumors like a flat tax, which is regressive

    A what is what?…

    Anyone – on TeeVee or elsewhere – who openly misrepresents the clear meaning of the term "regressive tax" in such a manner is himself so basically "unserious" – or such an economic moron – or, perhaps, both – as to have no standing to criticise someone's alleged "intellectual tumors".

    Touré's, of course, just a "Progressive" poll-parrot, here – just another Al Sharpton wanna-be, with a spiffier-looking process but a cheaper-looking suit, trying (and failing miserably) to smear Carson as an unauthentic "non-Black", for the perceived sin of Failing To See The Emperor's Clothes.

  2. Touré Is not an American, if he was he wouldn’t have that funny thing over the e in his name.
    That said, of course he’s a raaaaacist, it’s how he makes his money. Being the front-man for the raaaaacist regressive democrats. The House Negro one might say.

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