Nobody Really Understand the Tax Code, Either

Pflueger Acquitted of Tax Fraud Charges; Financial and Legal Woes Far From Over | Hawaii Reporter

Pflueger Acquitted of Tax Fraud Charges; Financial and Legal Woes Far From Over

TaxProf Blog: Government Loses First Offshore Bank Account Prosecution

The District Court found that the Government failed to establish the evidence supporting the allegations and acquitted Mr. Pflueger of all charges. …

[T]he Government rarely loses criminal tax prosecutions. This is believed to be the first unsuccessful prosecution relating to the use of foreign bank accounts in the Government's ongoing international enforcement efforts. The Government must objectively and carefully select the cases to prosecute — the mere presence of a foreign bank account and foreign trust does mean there has been a tax crime — an assumption which seemed to blindly guide the prosecution of Mr. Pflueger, an innocent man.

Frankly, it sounds to me as if the government is demonizing this guy. My guess would be that they blackmailed and threatened the rest of the family into testifying against him. Note the huge penalties for what could easily be innocent errors on tax returns.

And, of course, the state-sucking press is more than happy to make the guy sound like an arch criminal for – maybe – legitimately trying to keep some of his money out of the hands of voracious tax bandits.

First rule of taxation: It's not your money.  (The government just lets you use some of it…for a while).

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