I should be outraged over what happened to this guy in jail.

But I’m not.
Suspect accused of NY mom’s death, child’s rape, beaten in jail, nose broken

YRACUSE, N.Y. — A man accused of killing a Syracuse woman and raping her 10-year-old daughter during a carjacking was beaten and suffered a broken nose on his first day in jail, authorities said.
David Renz had a swollen face and tissues stuffed up both nostrils when he appeared in federal court Friday to face a probation violation charge.
“I have a broken nose,” he told his lawyer, according to The Post-Standard in Syracuse (http://bit.ly/15b7NLd).
His attorneys, James Greenwald and Kenneth Moynihan, said Renz was assaulted by other inmates at the Onondaga County Justice Center, where he was taken following his arrest Thursday night.
Sheriff Kevin Walsh told the newspaper he was looking into why Renz was put into a holding area with other prisoners — not the usual practice in holding someone facing such accusations.

Because the arresting officer wanted to save the city some money. Some really bad guys have one redeeming quality, they love their kids.


I should be outraged over what happened to this guy in jail. — 5 Comments

  1. The trick to surviving in jail is to create the proper rumor (I speak from experience). Everyone wants to know what you're in for. You want to generally decline to say, but then let slip at selected times your rumor. In my case, it was that I severely beat-up a business partner who ripped me off (misdemeanor assault, but actually DUI). I never had any problems.

  2. I am outraged. The shit-eating police and jail guards and sheriff took total control over him, meaning they have total responsibility for him now. Let's start seeing criminal charges against every authority figure involved, exactly as if they'd assaulted him themselves. That's the only way these "mistakes" are going to end.

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