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With all the hysteria lately about school shootings and guns in general, this story is surprising.

Actually, it isn’t surprising at all.

A young man riding the school bus home from Cypress Lake High School in Lee County, Florida wrestled a gun away from a 15 year old student who was pointing it and threatening to shoot another student. The .22 revolver was loaded.

When someone is pointing a loaded gun at another person and threatening to fire, there’s a pretty good chance that someone is going to get hurt or killed. The young man in question had the courage to wrestle the gun away and he probably saved lives.

The reward for this young hero? He got interrogated for four hours without being allowed access to his parents or a lawyer and then received a three day suspension from school. First the school said the suspension was for just being involved in an incident where a weapon was present. They later changed their reasoning saying the young man was suspended for being uncooperative in the investigation.

How twisted up are we getting here in Obama’s America that we punish a kid for saving lives? This is completely asinine. And these idiots are supposed to be better at educating our children than the parents?

Zero tolerance means zero intelligence.

Still sending your kids to public schools?

Child abuser.

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  1. Weak-minded school "authorities" and yet another hapless, misapplied "Zero Tolerance Policy" strike (out) again…

    Here's a little thought exercise: There were three (yes, three, not just one) students suspended for taking that gun away from the homicide-minded miscreant on that bus. How much respect for "the authorities" and/or "the rule of law" do you imagine those three will have – assuming of course, that they had any at all before this – either now or in a few years, when they are out of school and have become legally adults?

    Those three got "educated", alright – but not likely the "education" the school system would like to believe they're delivering.

    No apparent word, BTW, on what (if anything, other than "counseling" and/or "referral") the would-be shooter ended up with…

  2. We need the equivalent of F.I.R.E. for elementary schools. Detained and interrogated for four hours without access to parents or an attorney? That sounds like kidnapping. The detention was on school grounds and involved school administration? That sounds like grounds for a RICO Act investigation of the school, the district, and of course, the elected school board members. 


    There's just no organization in place anywhere to enable kids and parents to punch back twice as hard. Where are the wealthy conservatives to finance the defense of freedom in elementary schools?

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