The Corruption That Is the GOP

Pat Caddell: Republicans in Business of Lining Their Pockets: In my party [Democrat] we play to win. We play for life and death | Maggie’s Notebook

In the first paragraph below Caddell seems to accuse The Republican National Committee’s (RNC) Chief of Staff Jeff Larson and Romney’s political director Rich Beeson to firms racking in $150 million from Romney’s failed campaign, according to the FEC. Caddell doesn’t the men by name, but this article seems to, along with Romney “digital director” Zach Moffat.

RICO = Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations.

“When you have the Chief of Staff of the Republican National Committee and the political director of the Romney campaign, and their two companies get $150 million at the end of the campaign for the ‘fantastic’ get-out-the-vote program…some of this borders on RICO [the 1970 Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act] violations,” Caddell told the crowd. ”It’s all self dealing going on. I think it works on the RICO thing. They’re in the business of lining their pockets.”

Yes, this comports with one of my most trusted maxims: when the reason for something is either invisible, or makes no sense, the reason is always money.

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