Waters Discovers that Obamaworld Isn’t Her Oyster

Chef Alice Waters, Sonoma County Farm Bureau back oyster company | PressDemocrat.com

Famed Berkeley chef Alice Waters and the Sonoma County Farm Bureau filed a federal court brief Thursday supporting Drakes Bay Oyster Company's battle to stay in business in Point Reyes National Seashore.

Their 29-page “friend of the court” brief opposed the National Park Service's order to shut the oyster farm on Drakes Estero, asserting the move is “inconsistent with the best thinking of the modern environmental movement.”

The park service and “other traditional conservationists” seeking the closure are “stuck in an archaic and discredited preservationist paradigm,” the brief said.

Eight other parties, including Hayes Street Grill in San Francisco, Marin County Agriculture Commissioner Stacy Carlsen, the California Farm Bureau Federation and Marin County Farm Bureau, joined in the brief.

The shutdown order came last fall in the wake of Interior Secretary Ken Salazar's decision not to renew a permit for the oyster company, which harvests 8 million oysters a year from the estero's federally protected waters.

This one is almost as bitterly hilarious as Ted Kennedy's legendary battle against windmills blocking his New England views.

In this case, a rabid "environmentalist," a watermelon named Salazar appointed by Hussein Obama, did what such people like to do, and shut down a long-standing, successful business in the name of saving Mother Gaia.

Unfortunately for him, this particular business provides a good much appreciated by the very people who support Hussein Obama and mass watermelonism to the death. Thus we see the entertaining spectacle of chefs from Berkeley (!!!) and San Francisco going to war to save their oyster supply.

Now, I love me some oysters, but when I think of the foods of the masses, that's not the first thing that pops to mind. Then again, consistency is the hobgoblin of non-Marxist minds, right?

Pass me another plate of those Myagis, right?

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Waters Discovers that Obamaworld Isn’t Her Oyster — 4 Comments

  1. When I was a kid, my parents would serve oyster stew every Christmas Eve.  We never had it any other time of the year, but it was damn tasty.  That said, in this case I have to back Salazar — not because I think he's right, but because I think the kinds of people who support him and his ilk need to feel the consequences of their ideology visited on their own hides.

  2.  I love me some oysters, but when I think of the foods of the masses


    Oh, how things change, in my early childhood in the 19th century (I exaggerate a bit), oysters were almost strictly working man's food; along with lamb shanks, and flank steak, and beef tongue. Now I can't afford any of them.

  3. That may have been true for folks who lived next to the shore in the days before long-haul refrigeration, Haverwilde. Maine lobsters used to enjoy a similar status in New England, I believe.

    But it was never true in the flyover county I grew up in. That stuff was always luxury food. I never tasted either oysters or lobsters until well after I went off to boarding school in the east.

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