Commies Are Like That

Doug Ross @ Journal: STUNNING PHOTOS OF POLLUTION IN CHINA: Could Someone Let the EPA Know About This?

As the EPA tries to micro-manage industrial policy in the United States using unlawful and impossible dictates, the world’s worst polluter goes unmentioned in the U.S.:

It doesn’t get mentioned because Obama envies China’s dictators. And the media admires them.

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  1. He doesn’t just envy them, he is objectively colluding with their theft of government and business research, designs, and data. Obama rejected tough options for countering Chinese cyber attacks two years ago, Bill Gertz – The Washington Free Beacon:

    President Obama two years ago rejected a series of tough actions against China, including counter-cyber attacks and economic sanctions, for Beijing’s aggressive campaign of cyber espionage against the U.S. government and private businesses networks, according to administration officials.

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