She Makes the Big Bucks For Stuff Like This, I Guess

Why Hugo Chavez Was Bad for Venezuela – The Daily Beast

You’re kidding, right?

What’s your next expose, Megan?

Why Stalin Was Bad for the USSR?

Why Mao Was Bad For China?

Why Pol Pot Was Bad For Cambodia?

Why Castro Was Bad for Cuba?

Why Hitler Was Bad for Germany, for fuck’s sake?

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She Makes the Big Bucks For Stuff Like This, I Guess — 6 Comments

  1. Maybe she’s spelling out all Hugo’s deficiencies online because they’ll never get into the history books being written today. In fact, I’m not sure today’s history books have much bad to say about the guys you mentioned. “Accentuate the positive”, as they say. Incidentally, you left out the guy who made the trains run on time.

  2. Dear Leader Hugo was unalloyed-bad for everyone he came into contact with, even indirectly –

    Including, in the end, himself – just too bad that part took so long to happen! 👿

    Would have been at least a bit better if people like Megan had taken notice of that a whole lot sooner, as well. Better (too) late than not at all, I suppose, but still…

  3. I read the whole article out of morbid curiosity. The whole currency plunging and high inflation as a result was barely mentioned. It will not take 30 years for the poor to feel the pain. They felt it when he was alive and it is going to get worse, as it has been for the past 15 years. Socialism: the rich get poor, the poor die, and the tyrants running the place get relatively rich (estimates are Hugo has stolen a billion US$ and sent it out of the country).

    She balked at calling him out for a whole host of evils.

  4. I cheered when he died.

    I hadn’t noticed that she never mentions the communist but you’re right.

    It was just such an odd article as she tries to write negatively about him but her apologizing tone for speaking ill left me wondering what exactly she thought Hugo actually did wrong.

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