You Had A Chance to Fire Obama – And You Didn’t Do It

Obama claims credit for something he hasn’t done | Questions and Observations

The Congressional Research Service has released a report finding that, as was already generally known, U.S. oil and gas production has increased substantially over the past four years, but on private lands only, while it’s actually declined on federal land.

Or said another way, where Obama had control and the opportunity to do what he is claiming, he declined that opportunity and in fact impeded further exploration and production with his policies.  Where he had no real control, production boomed.  Federal lands – nada.  Private lands – bunches and bunches.

What has he sacrificed with his anti-fossil fuel polices?  Revenue and jobs.

Again, you have to wonder anymore what it takes to be fired.

Intelligent bosses. And they are in the minority in America these days.

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  1. There are truly none so blind as those that will not see – aside from those who see, but are too stupid and/or unserious to draw the correct conclusion from what they see, then act intelligently upon the conclusion.

    Getting exactly what they vote for, as opposed to what they empty-headedly claim to desire…

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