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Anthony Kennedy: We need to solve tough issues through democratic compromise, not through the Supreme Court « Hot Air

Exit question: How confident are we that, even if Kennedy votes to uphold Prop 8, another conservative justice won’t side with the liberals to strike it down? Kennedy was supposed to be the fifth vote for ObamaCare last year, remember. In the end, it was Roberts. This time too?

One can hope.

Political News — Conservative Blog & Right Wing Views | RedState

A key Colorado lawmaker behind Democratic efforts to increase gun restrictions in the state has a more extensive criminal record than was previously reported according to court records. …

No wonder she wants to ban your guns. She’s a crook. She doesn’t want any competition.

Wall Street Journal Slams Paul’s ‘Drone Rant’: ‘Calm Down, Senator’ | TPM LiveWire

Thus speaks a voice of the Ruling Party. They’re terrified of Rand Paul. As they should be.

A brief thought experiment: Ace of Spades HQ

How did they slip this one by me? My radar is ALWAYS up for this kinda sneaky, underhanded media bullshit.

The answer is that we are surrounded by propaganda. It’s everywhere, hidden in even the most seemingly innocuous things.

And that’s what’s so insidious about it. 24-7 we are being bombarded by sneaky lies, half truths, obfuscations, and undisclosed interests.

It’s pure treachery. No matter how bad you might think it is, it’s likely far worse.

Oh, and my brother’s suspician about this doctor? Yeah, he’s part of the Politburo, pimping this same line and calling doctors stupid and backward while sharing the stage with none other than Kathleen Sebelius.

America has become the Nation of the Big Lie. Which figures, given the current ascendancy of liberal fascism as the philosophy of our Ruling Party.

“Lazy” French Workers Clash With Police After Tire Plant Shuts Down (Video) | The Gateway Pundit

Taylor said he would have to be stupid to invest in a French tire plant where union workers are working only three hours a day.

The tire plant announced this week that it would be shut down.

Today the “lazy” French workers clashed with police in violent protests outside the plant.

Sure, they’ll bestir their lazy frog asses to fight for their makework frog jobs.  But that’s about it.

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