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  1. I knew they’d never be able to find a convincing double. Saddam’s doubles weren’t that convincing, even after surgery. Now expect to see: no change whatever in Venezuela, primarily because it’s already the 16th province of Cuba.

  2. If they construct a tomb for Chavez properly with troughs around the edge that drain inward, Venezuela could make a fortune on tourism from people wanting to piss on his grave. Plus they could save the urine and sell it to Sean Penn as a refreshing beverage. Double win.

  3. Here I thought they were going to bring in a ringer.

    You may be certain that The Powers Behind The Throne have a “worthy and humble successor” already warming up in the wings –

    Maybe keep a close eye on who does the primary “wreath-laying” at the upcoming funerary obsequies for indications?

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