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But recently my wife said, “Just tell me where we can move-to, and I’ll retire.” She’s so fed-up with the crap she has to deal with at work, that this place may not be long for the ride either. Where’s a congenial climate (absent snow or furnace-heat) with few gun restrictions and non-punishing economics/taxes? What happened to America?

Apparently it moved to Texas when nobody was looking.

It sure as hell doesn’t live in California any longer.  Especially in Not Clausewitz’s and my Bay Area neighborhood.

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I am a small-l libertarian. My primary concern is to increase individual liberty as much as possible in the face of statist efforts to restrict it from both the right and the left. If I had to sum up my beliefs as concisely as possible, I would say, "Stay out of my wallet and my bedroom," "your liberty stops at my nose," and "don't tread on me." I will believe that things are taking a turn for the better in America when married gays are able to, and do, maintain large arsenals of automatic weapons, and tax collectors are, and do, not.


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  1. Some HS friends of mine recently decamped from Redwood, where they had pretty much lived their adult lives. Raised 8 children. Religious and conservative. Finally got fed up with Cali. He got a job in Texas, and the company sent him to Virginia for a year of training. Eventually, they’ll settle down and work in Austin, where they both went to UT. They say they miss the Cali scenery some, but that’s all they miss.

    Relatives of mine who are lifelong Cali residents (San Diego, Monterey) are seriously contemplating fleeing as well. Candidates for resettlement include Texas and the Southeast Coast (Wilmington, NC on down to Amelia Island, FL).

    Seriously, when people decide they can’t stay in such a beautiful area as Monterey, you have to know that something is terribly effed up.

    • Eventually, they’ll settle down and work in Austin…

      Based upon what I’ve heard/seen reference to elsewhere, that might not be the best location in TX for them (or for others of right-leaning/Red State tendencies contemplating TX). Maybe check it out with TXBubba, but Austin seems to have a pretty left-leaning rep, being the relatively-rare exceptional area to most of that State’s atmosphere and culture.

      We have a few areas like that in NC – centered generally around Raleigh and Charlotte, though there seems to be a bit of “seepage” into a couple of other locales in recent years as well. This is mostly due to “refugees” from the Blue States colonizing such areas, then proceeding to begin installing most or all of the “features” that lead to becoming more and more like the places they out-migrated from.

      I know – pretty stupid, right? However, just ’cause those “refugees” moved to get away from away from a deteriorating situation, doesn’t mean they changed their viewpoint(s) on stuff all that much – and therefore they tend to set about making everything “just like home”…

      In Wilmington, NC, we’ve pretty much managed to avoid attracting this kind of “colonization” – so far. It’s still possible for such to become problematic, though, no matter where you shift to.

      BTW, jd – I worked a long-term deal in AZ awhile back, and my reaction is: I’d maybe move there, if I could locate in the northern part of the State. Generally cooler, and lots purtier. You can pretty much have that desert-based southern part, though – most of a year in a climate where it regularly gets above 100 to 110 F. in the daytime (and doesn’t cool off all that much at night) made me sure that I could handle it if I had to, but also sure I don’t particularly want to.

  2. Maybe check it out with TXBubba, but Austin seems to have a pretty left-leaning rep, being the relatively-rare exceptional area to most of that State’s atmosphere and culture.

    You may not have noticed, but I’m not a socon – which is what a lot of people seem to think they’re talking about when they say Austin isn’t “conservative.” I don’t relish living in some bastion of socon horseshit. As long as I have my gun rights, low taxes, and a minimum of state government interference, I actually prefer someplace where the local zeitgeist isn’t demanding prayer in schools and bashing fags 24-7.

    A wide variety of decent restaurants is a plus, too.

    • Austin ranks highest in lack of socon influence in a number or ratings, but Fort Worth and Dallas are not far behind. On climate, I’d rank DFW higher than Austin, because it’s classified as humid-subtropical. The DFW area is too, but it’s subject to dry winds from the north that make it much drier than Austin overall.

      According to my B-I-L, Austin is like Houston, very humid. He worked in Dallas and lived in Arlington for three years, and dreaded having to make trips to Austin and Houston, even though the temps were similar. Apparently it’s a choice between a steam room and a sauna in the Summer, but the sauna cools off somewhat overnight, while the steam room is sticky 24-7.

      I’m sure there are current Texans reading who can give you more details, but you have to compare to where you are now. Some points of comparison are going to be jarring, I think.

    • Then Austin is just right for you, Bill. If I was moving to Texas, I would probably end up in Austin or San Antonio. I love the whole area between the two cities. Austin, of course, is a university and tech city. More like Palo Alto. Great food and music scene there, but you’d probably want to hightail it outta town during SXSW; that shit’s gotten out of hand. Hell, I’d move to Austin solely because of Franklin’s BBQ. Or Salt Lick and Stubb’s, for that matter. Even the “just good” BBQ in Texas far surpasses anything else in most of the USA.

      A word about humidity. I’m a Virginian, so humidity really doesn’t bother me. Sure, I’ll bitch about it, like everyone else around here, but I grew up with that. A lot of people don’t realize what a humid state most of Texas is. All in all, it’s not so bad, considering. Not nearly as bad as, say, New Orleans or Savannah.

    • As far as decent restaurants, you’ll find ’em. Austin has a good restaurant scene. Nowhere near SF, of course, but very good and creative. You’re not gonna get much by way of great Chinese, but you’ll find some real good Vietnamese. Lot’s of Southern/Fusion. It gets a little out of hand, but you’re experienced in this kind of thing, and you’ll know what to look for. I’ve always found great eats in Austin; it’s a good food town. Like I say, it’s not the caliber of SF/Cali eats you’re used to, but it holds its own. Think of it as traveling to another city like, say, New Orleans and experiencing that particular culture and vibe. If you move to Austin, you’ll find more than just “decent” eats.

      “Fag bashing” and general SoCon bullshit? You’re not gonna find that in Austin. Or most large Texas cities. Part of the Texas culture, I guess; poke it where you want, just not in my cattle.

      Regardless, you’re talking about TEXAS. Even the guns own guns there, and so do the “liberals.” Liberals in Texas are a strange breed. I’ll take a liberal Texan over a conservative North Easterner any day of the week.

      • M’kay, I stand (or rather, sit, just now) corrected…

        Dang! Chef, now, you’ve got me interested – especially the BBQ, etc., parts!

        Coincidentally, I’ve got a brother in Las Vegas who’s working on getting outta that particular “Paradise in the desert” – and is looking around at where to re-locate. I’ll drop a mention about TX to him, see what he thinks –

        I’ve tried out the idea of coastal NC on him in the recent past, but he doesn’t have much interest in the seaside, and has said he’s definitely done living in a high-tourism area anything like Lost Wages.

        Meanwhile – maybe I’ll take my next vacation break in the Austin – San Antonio area. It sounds like it’d be worth checking into, anyway. Thanks for the (somewhat-corrective) useful info.

  3. I live in the outskirts of San Antonio close to Boerne, on the edge of the hill country. It’s getting a bit crowded these days because of all the folks moving down here, and still not as bad as Houston or the DFW metroplex. I don’t get to Austin much ’cause the traffic is horrific (at least in my mind, and this from a former Greyhound driver who could handle anything LA or the Bay Area could throw at me). The wife and I hardly ever go into San Antonio, I go mostly to the edge of town to shop at Costco and Whole Foods, and swim at Lifetime Fitness. San Antonio is a college town as well, just not as concentrated as Austin. And yes, summers are hot and sometimes humid as well, as we are on the edge of the coastal plain. Very much worth it for the rest of the year as the weather is pretty much fantastic. Lots of good restaurants throughout the area. We’ve even got some good Thai and Vietnamese in Boerne, which isn’t bad for a town with a population of less than 10k. Surprisingly, there’s a pizza joint in Boerne which has the best pizza I’ve ever had in my life, and I’ve eaten pizza all over the country. Plenty of good BBQ all over. We occasionally patronize Rudy’s just a couple of miles down the freeway from us. I do all of the cooking at home and I can do better than most restaurants on my Traeger. As far as good neighborhoods go, I think north central and north west are the best bets for San Antonio. The I-10 corridor between SAT and Boerne is very good as well. The I-35 corridor through town is the pits as are most places east or south of town.

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