Cops Shooting Up the San Francisco Bay Area

Is the single most effective step in dramatically reducing gun violence in America disarming cops? « Bob Owens

According to the data Fisher has been able to pull together, police are responsible for a very substantial percentage of the number of Americans shot every year, a significant percentage of those killed, and a very significant number of those killed by rifles, including assault rifles.

If the intent of gun grabbers was to pass laws that most directly resulted in the decrease of people injured with firearms, they’d target the single largest group most easily separated from their firearms, or at least reduce the lethality of the arms these public servants are issued. Perhaps instead of increasing the use of military arms, military vehicles, and military body armor by police (all of which encourages the police to act more aggressively), perhaps politicians should instead consider what this militarization has caused.
Compared to the military agencies these weapon and armor packages are designed for, the police are poorly and infrequently trained, with very limited live-fire experience and minimal standards for passing scores designed not to demand officer competence, but to provide the minimal level of legal protection for the agencies for lawsuits resulting from police shootings.

When we have department-issued revolvers, there seemed to be fewer accidental police shootings, fewer shots fired per incident, and fewer innocent bystanders hit. Perhaps it is time to take a long, hard look at the amount of red blood spilled by the thin blue line, and limit their firepower as the first step in reducing gun violence of all kinds.

Probably. But how likely do you think it is that this will happen?

Look. The basic nature of police forces is that they are heavily armed gangs fielded by governments in order to protect themselves first, and the general public (mostly as an afterthought) from the depredations of other gangs.

Since a great deal of the power and effeciveness of the police stems from intimidation – essentially from the notion that if you resist them the cops will inevitably kill you – then it should be no mystery why any effective resistance to police authority – especially with firearms – will be met with massive, murderous retaliation.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, seven or eight civilians have been killed by police since the murder of two cops in Santa Cruze a few days ago. One man interviewed by KTVU on this cluster of police shootings said, “Maybe people aren’t afraid of the police any more.”

Just so. At the moment, I suspect the cops are trying to reestablish that fear, and the intimidation factor that goes with it.

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