Benedict Arnold Was A Military Hero, Too, Just Like John McCain, But We Would Have Summarily Hanged Him Anyway

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That Benedict McCain was part of the gang of 15 who decided to betray our nation by appointing a self-admitted imbecile as second in command of our military is no surprise, and anybody itching to chime in about McCain’s prior honorable service to our nation can just shut right the fuck up this minute and not even bother, because we don’t give a tiny turd. The original Benedict was a pretty formidable general on our side too, right up until he decided to suck the cock of tyrants in hopes of a reach-around, yet you don’t see very many people using his prior service as an excuse for his treason.

So just cut it out, will you? You’ll be much happier if you do, and a great deal less eviscerated in the comments too.

As far as we’re concerned, one of the single most brilliant moves the North Vietnamese made in the SEA Troubles, at least as far as inflicting damage upon our once great nation goes, was to NOT murder that treasonous son of a pestilent whore when they had a chance to.

I suppose the usual run of sniveling, gutless pussies, ever ready to value politesse over “extremisim” in the defense of liberty just threw their aprons over their heads, their damp panties over the fence, and started sputtering, “What? What? What? What did he just say? How can he say that?

Pretty easily, actually. In fact, it rolls right off the tongue, with a pleasing martial ring to it. I would far rather be visiting McCain’s long grassed-over grave to leave a posy or two in memory of his service in Vietnam, rather than dealing with the putrid, treasonous hack he’s become today, a state he himself built on that once honorable foundation.

Oh, and that goes for Chuck Hagel and his Purple Hearts. The butcher’s bills you two fucktards, and all the rest of your ilk have totted up are far too large to be washed away by blood shed half a century ago.  George Washington wasn’t about to cut General Arnold any slack.  Why should the likes of you expect it?

As for the John “Bad Back” Boehner, Eric Cantor, and the rest of the sellout gang of Ruling Party apparatchiks,  you don’t have the saving grace of having once (long ago) demonstrated the slightest shred of honor, so you don’t get even a half-hearted salute before we tie the hemp ropes around your useless necks and introduce you to the nearest lamp posts.

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